Alexander Hamilton-

First Secretary of the Treasury, Framer of the Constitution, Writer of the Federalist Papers, the founder of our Nation’s First Bank, Soldier of the Revolution, Immigrant or the Guy on the Ten Dollar Bill.

Whether your event is a black tie affair, chautauqua or an afternoon program for youngsters learning about early American History and the Revolution, Ian Rose brings Alexander Hamilton to life for your event. 

For the past 10 years Ian has been portraying Alexander Hamilton all over the country at a variety of different venues including:

The State Department, Washington, D.C.

The Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum

The National Constitution Center, Phila, PA

The Newseum, Washington’s newest museum

The National Archives, Washington, D.C.

The American Museum of Finance, NYC

Regular appearances at Valley Forge

including works on the following films:

First Freedom

A French Documentary on the US. Dollar

and Rediscovering Alexander Hamilton on

the life of Alexander Hamilton

Ian has been interpreting historical figures since 1994.  Ian has been portraying Alexander Hamilton for ten years.  Ian’s appearances as Hamilton have seen him at The Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum in California, arguing Constitutional cases before The People’s Court Judge Marilyn Millian in New York City, as well as in presentations for the State Department, the Newseum and before the actual Constitution at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. 

Ian has appeared as General Hamilton in the documentaries; Faith and the Founding Fathers, Rediscovering Alexander Hamilton, and Fractured Union for Mount Vernon.

He has performed interpretations of continental soldiers for History on the Hoof, Historic Philadelphia Inc., American Historical Theater and History First Hand.  Ian’s speciality has always been portraying men in the military, from wartime Hamilton, Mad Anthony Wayne to the rank and file of the redcoats. 

Ian is a veteran of television commercials, off-Broadway shows and many Shakespeare festivals.  Ian is a certified Fight Director and Instructor with the Society of American Fight Directors and Fight Directors Canada.  For more information on Ian’s sword fighting programs visit him at:

Ian at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum, photo courtesy of Pamla J. Eisenberg

Ian as Hamilton in the PBS special First Freedom